August 4, 2011

Happy Time : Hiking

A couple weekends ago, as "punishment" for losing a little competition we're doing, I had to plan a secret day date for boyfriend. 

For the first portion of the date, we hiked the day loop of the Volunteer Trail near the house.  Of course, we WOULD choose to go on a hike when it is a billion degrees out, so this was one of the slowest hiking days I've had. Aside from the steady river of sweat, aching feet, and whine breaks, I really did enjoy this route. One of the flatter hikes we've done, but this one winded up some rocky bluffs and overlooked the lake, which I thought was neat. 

I conveniently planned the rest of our day-date around food and air conditioning, and I'm pretty sure we felt justified partaking in the other portions of date day, which definitely included a hummus sandwich from Which Wich, seeing the new Harry Potter, a bowl of red curry for dinner, and a scary movie to top it all off. 

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