September 26, 2011

dear monday 9.26

Want to link up your own Dear Monday letters and weekend highlights? Emma at this cute little blog gave me the idea for a new little weekly happening. Feel free to link up below! 

Dear Monday,  I know you're going to be a good one from the start because I get to wear jeans and our PTO t-shirt to work today. And on Wednesday. And on Thursday. And normal jeans day on Friday. Is it just me, or is work instantly a party when wearing casual clothing? From where I'm sitting, I don't care what happens this week- it'll be the best teaching week EVER because you can handle anything in jeans.  And if not, that's okay, because Friday at 2:25pm, I am officially on 2 weeks of fall break.  :)

Dear last week's goals of eating more vegetables and burning billions of calories every day,  EPIC FAIL. That is all. Can I get a mulligan on that?

Dear Pumpkin Flavored EVERYTHING, I've missed you. I'm glad that there are only a few months of the year that you're super popular, or else we'd all probably get verrrry tired of you, and have to invest in bigger pants. But I'm just saying- Olive Garden pumpkin cheesecake? Totally the best Fall tastebud preview everrrr.   See above- failing last week's diet and fitness goals.

Dear Upcoming 5-year Anniversary on Sunday, Vincent, can you believe that its been that long?  Well.. it kind of hasn't been that long, but since we decided to overlook that year-long hiccup 3 years ago and also decided to choose the day that we met as our "anniversary" just because we can, it sounds neat doesn't it? Technicalities aside, my life changed for the better 5 years ago and I wouldn't change any of it. :) Wanna feel all squishy inside and re-read our story here? 

Weekend Highlights
On Saturday
In a burst of energy and productivity, my eyeballs popped open at 5:45am and I started getting ready to make the drive to see that boyfriend of mine, and had a foggy, good ipod shuffle, perfect early morning drive. When Vince left to spend the day at work, I dragged his camping chair out by his apartment and sat in the sun all day reading (and I had a pink little sunburn on my cheeks and down one weird strip of my leg to prove it). I took myself on my first little alone-date to the movies while he was at work and saw The Help. I always expected seeing movies alone to feel strange, but I was glad to have most of the row to myself to openly weep at that movie. Later, we had 10pm Frozen Yogurt dinner date, round 2 because we could. And because it is always time for frozen yogurt. And because we tell ourselves its healthy. 
On Sunday
We made ourselves get up at a decent time to not waste the day and went to McD's for oatmeal and took it to the park for a quiet little breakfast picnic. It was SO nice outside, so we stuck around and read a few chapters of our book and enjoyed the cool little breezies... so much so, that we went swinging for the first time in FOREVER before we went home. Aaaand because we usually plan our day around food,  we made the decision to stop at the Thai place for curry before we read a little bit more and I came home. Love.

How was your weekend? 
Happy Monday! :)

Want to link up your own Dear Monday letters? Please do! 


  1. Oh I think this link is SO adorable!!! I already had a blog planned out for today, but I will for sure link up next can count me in :)

    PS Your blog is great, I'm a new follower!!

  2. super cute idea!!!! I'll def be linking up next Monday =)

  3. Check out my latest post because you're a winnnerrrr!! :)

  4. Thanks for the comment about my advice...I wish we all would have known what to do when we were 15! And I hope you do this link up again next Monday because I'm totally doing it :)

  5. I don't know why, but my link-up didn't work--LAME! Let's do it again!! :)


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