October 10, 2011

Dear Monday 10.10.11

Kick off your week by linking up your little Dear Monday letters below! 


Dear Monday, I can not BELIEVE I'm saying hello again to you so soon- I blinked and that first week of Fall Break was GONE. I'm glad to have one more week and one more weekend before I get back to the daily grind of molding some of America's young minds. Or at least helping their teachers to mold them- Ha! I keep getting sad and thinking "WHERE did that week go?" But then I remember that I visited boyfriend until Tuesday, then had Mexican foods and Halloween party planning with Kelli, went dress shopping with mom on Wednesday, had a day-date with myself on Thursday full of Starbucks and fabric shopping, and sewed my little fingers off on Friday. I've checked some things off of my to-do list, and that feels nice!


Dear dress shopping, I'm totally psyched to have you DONE and OUT OF THE WAY so far in advance of the Ball! And the more I think about this year's new dress, I'm really excited!

Dear officially pre-ordered iPhone 4S, I'm quietly excited about you. I've been Team Blackberry for so long, I'm having some major buyer's anxiety that I'm going to miss texting with the feel of buttons under my fingers, but I'm reminding myself that every time I use my iPod for interwebs/Fbook/instagram, I think "Gee. I sure wish this iPod just had 3G and a phone in it... then it'd be perfect". Puh-lease be worth it!

Dear feeling of "I could have been camping this weekend",  I'd be fine with you leaving, because it is making me feel yuck and sad. I'm reaaaallllyyy bummed that I wasn't making smores, relaxing under the trees, and sleeping in a tent with all this BEAUTIFUL weather. Also sad that the opportunity probably won't present itself again until the Spring. Here's to wishful thinking.

Dear leaves, hurry along and change into your fall colored suits, would ya? I'm about ready to see some reds and oranges up in hurr.

Dear sewing machine,  it is evident that I haven't used you in a while, considering some of the crooked lines that I see. BUT I am excited about my new design (a sneaky peek of which I posted to my twitter), my new shop name, and the labels that I figured out how to print on my own. :)  Can't wait for the re-launch in the coming month or so!

Happy Monday!
How was your weekend?
What's coming up in your week ahead?


  1. You will LOVE the iPhone -- I was an avid BB user, but now I would die without my iPhone. I'm also a firm believer of 'once you go Mac, you never go back.'

    Happy Monday! Can't wait to link-up tonight!

  2. Good!! That eases my buyer's anxiety- haha! I wish it would show up at my door like, STAT! And I agree about macs.. I got an iMac for Christmas a couple years ago and it changed. my. life. :)

    Looking forward to your Dear Mondays!

  3. You'll love the iPhone, promise!

    Sounds like you had a great time last week!! Sorry today came too quickly...

    Have a great Monday!

  4. IPhone 4s- exciting!! I'm in the market for a new phone but on the fence...

    Happy birthday to your dad!!

    I'm on fall break this week and it's so welcome. :) I'm glad to hear you're having a good break!

    Found your blog through Holly @ Perfectly Imperfect... love it!

  5. hehe i'd like to see some pretty leaves here too.. I saw some this weekend a few hours north, but so far it's pretty green here.

    and yay for the iphone! and especcccially instagram. ah, i don't know how i managed without it before.

    p.s. thank you so much for your last comment.. it was soo sweet :)


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