October 17, 2011

Dear Monday 10.17.11

Kick off the new week by linking up your Dear Monday letters below! 


Dear Monday, You are the beginning of the next 9 weeks of work until the kiddos get out for Christmas break. If I remember correctly, last year you FLEW BY. I'm both excited and a little sad about this.  Is it just me, or were the adults of yesteryear right... at some point the time just speeds up and won't. slow. down.

Dear One Year Ago Today,  You were my very first day of my first REAL grown up job, and you were a good one.  I had to wait for like, a year and a half to find you after college, I was totally nervous, and ended up making an awesome friend.

Dear Pedicure Girldate, My toesies are THRILLED about the love and attention they will be receiving on Thursday in preparation for the Ball this coming weekend. I'm quite sure if nothing else, it will be better than last time... when my toe was engulfed by little nail lady's belly button. *shudder*

Dear Dress, I'm picking you up on Wednesday and seeing if the alterations look right. Puh-lease look right.

Dear Zumba,  I did a HAPPY DANCE when I saw on Facebook that you'd be coming back to work this week! I'm SO EXCITED about putting my uncoordinated-ness on display again!

Dear Sweet Boyfriend,  Thanks for letting me come spend so much time with you over my fall break. I loved sitting up late at the library with you while I read my book and you studied really hard things. I loved setting up shop and sewing while you were at work all day. I loved trying (and failing) to play wifey and cook things that totally just didn't turn out. I loved reading (and finishing. sadface.) our book together. And mostly I just loved practicing having you come home to me after a long day and snuggling on the couch watching lots of How I Met Your Mother.  Loves.
makeshift sewing corner.. complete with How I Met Your Mother
Believe it or not.. this was actually supposed to look like THIS.   :(

Happy Monday! :)
How was your weekend?
What's coming up in your week ahead?

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  1. Yay for 1 year anniversary of your first real big girl job!! :) Happy Monday!

  2. I kind of giggled a lot when I saw the link that the bread was supposed to turn out like... :) No worries, it happens even to the best of bakers! <3 Hope today is full of love and hugs.

  3. I love this! I will be writing along today for the first time, and a new follower :)

  4. I hate it when stuff doesn't look like you think it should look...it makes you wonder if you did something wrong!!! Hope you have a great week!!! And I hope you have fun at your ball this weekend!! I'm glad I have stumbled across this Dear Monday post!!! It's my fave!!

  5. hopefully you'll be posting pictures of the dress? and i'm sure your next pedi experience will be fabulous ... i just had mine taken care of a week or so ago and it was glorious =)

    happy monday!

  6. the adults were so right! i don't ever remember thinking "oh my gosh i can't believe i'm 10 years old.. time just goes by too quickly." but now.. i feel like i was 10 years old about 6 years ago instead of 16! insane.

    mm yeah and on that waking up early thing.. i will be shocked if it carries over into tomorrow. i'm exhausted right now from being too ambitious this morning hehe


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