October 24, 2011

Dear Monday 10.24.11

Kick off your week by linking up your little Dear Monday letters below! 


Dear Monday, this week is Spirit Week at school, and that means a whole lot of not being taken totally seriously by the kiddos, and also being totally okay with that because we teachers will look so dang good. Work is just so much more laid back and fun with a temporary change of dress code. Coming up we have Teachers Dress as Kids/ Kids Dress as Teachers Day, Geek Day, Old People Day, Wacky Tacky Mismatch Day, and Halloween Clothes Day. Ex-to the-cited.

Dear Crafty Girldate, I'm looking forward to making cute little Halloweeny t-shirts for a couple soon-to-be mommy friends.

Dear Marine Corps Birthday Ball, I feel a little nostalgic about the fact that this weekend was probably our last USMC event together! I tried to soak in little bits of the day between feeling so rushed and appreciate having a reason to get all fancied up, putting on a pretty dress, and getting to be on the arm of my really handsome uniformed boyfriend. I am a bit bummed that I just HAD to develop a nasty head cold halfway through dinner and felt kinda blah for the rest of the night and Sunday, but I'm glad I felt good for the majority of the day.

Dear Paranormal Activity 3, YOU WIN. Every time I hear so much as the floor squeak, a little part of me dies. I did enjoy my movie watching experience in Old Town Knoxville's neat little theater and having a room full of people shriek along with me. Emotional scarring aside, I had fun!

Dear iPhone 4S, Watch yourself. I might accidentally get all Savage Garden on you with a rendition of "I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You".  Even Vince is halfway enjoying Words with Friends on it, and he is Team Anything-But-Any-Apple-Product-EVER 4 Life.   I'm making you a BFF bestie necklace.  Okay, that's a lie. But I might. 

Dear Handsome Boyfriend,  I liked being your date on Saturday. I liked seeing you in your blues. I liked seeing you in your cammi's that you don't wear in my close vicinity NEARLY often enough.  I liked seeing you drive around in a bright blue Versa rental all weekend. I like that you offer to ride in my car to the gas station to pump my gas for me because I feel like yuck. I like that you were sad when I slept in the other bed at the hotel so I would have room for my scattering of tissue wads after I took Nyquil and passed out, because I would be sad if you woke up to find tissues under your pillow like I often do when I'm sick.  I liked that you looked at me during Paranormal Activity and said "WHY DID YOU BRING ME TO THIS?!" ...I guess what I'm trying to say is that I like you.  I'm just puttin' that out there.

Happy freakin' Monday, guys!
How was your weekend?


  1. Glad to hear the Marine Ball was fun! I will never watch any of the Paranormal Activity movies...nooooope...you're brave lol. I really want a new iPhone--mine is just a 3G so I can't upgrade :(

    Happy Monday!

  2. So glad you had a good time - your instagram photo was BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Happy Monday!

    megs [at] Shine On


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