October 3, 2011

Dear Monday : 10.3.11

Want to kick off your week by playing along and linking up your own little "Dear Monday"?  You can below!


Dear Monday, I'm really excited about you because I AM NOT AT WORK RIGHT NOW. As this post is showing up in reader newsfeeds all over the place, I can promise you that I am still rolled up in a blanket burrito in bed and LOVING IT. This week (and next, for that matter!) is starting off in the BEST kind of way, and I'm hoping to tackle a lot of fun things that I never "have time for" when I'm having to be at the school at 6:55am every day-- like fabric shopping and going to the gym.

Dear Mt. Squishmore pile of blankets and pillows,  You were perfect to fall asleep perched on top of while boyfriend finished his calculus homework. We shall meet again. That is all. 

Dear best anniversary day EVER, You started off with breakfast at Starbucks and taking pretty pictures, had a sweet little picnic and book reading sesh in the middle, and ended with cooking dinner together (which we never get to do). Paired with the prettiest weather in the history of all weather, it was a GREAT day. 

Dear Car I backed into, .....whoops. Didn't see you there, darting behind me like a ninja while I was most the way out of my parking space. Thankfully, you only damped my mood for about 3 minutes, and things could've been A LOT worse. I've never backed into ANYTHING before, buuuut these things happen.

Dear Boyfriend of 5 years, Thank you for being SO thoughtful in planning such a sweet little day for me. Starbucks dates are always perfect, and I'm still a little bit blown away that you came up with the idea to take pictures at all the important spots from when we first met AND go on a cute little picnic all. on. your. own! You're helping me with big Rule to Live By #2, being a treasure house of happy memories, and I LOVE it!  Sorry that the special spot you'd planned on taking me for dinner is CLOSED on Sundays, but I'm glad we took the chance to cook dinner together in your little kitchen like we used to. Best 5 years of my life so far, hands down. :)  Love you more than crusty bread with seasoned olive oil. 

Here's an attractive little outtake (and sneak peek) from Sunday's festivities :)

How was your weekend?
Happy Monday!

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  1. Hope you're enjoying your day off of work!! So glad you enjoyed your anniversary day this weekend...happy 5 years!! And thanks for creating this link up :)

  2. Love your link up! I will definitely be participating soon! And congratulations on your anniversary. Love the idea of taking photos at all the important places! Happy Monday :)

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  3. what a great link up! i just love your "sneek peek" photo =) it's too adorable!

  4. Happy Monday! Your blog is so cute!

  5. Congrats on your anniversary! I am excited to play Dear Monday! I'm a new follower!


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