October 2, 2011

happy 5th anniversary


Dear Vince,
I can't believe it has been FIVE years since we met in that kind of awkward and really perfect way.

In the past year, together we have:
* Carved a neat pumpkin together and took pretty fall pictures
* Been dates to our 2nd MC Ball and lots of weddings
* Read the whole Hunger Games trilogy to each other, gotten halfway through a couples therapy book, and started to read Divergent together
* Had our first family Thanksgiving together
* Moved you into your very own apartment and spent many days hanging out
* Celebrated the sweetest Valentines Day yet
* Gone on our first camping trip together
* Played at the Chattanooga aquarium
* You planned and took me on our first real picnic date
* Taken our first long road trip to King's Island and had our faces melted on big roller coasters
* Watched the most perfect Fireworks together
* and have taken many walks and little hikes side by side.

I'd say it has been a good year.
Happy Anniversary!
Love you.


  1. Happy anniversary! So sweet. Also, first of many Starbucks Sunday link-ups over at my blog! <3


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