October 1, 2011

love list: october 1st

hello REAL first day of fall,

          I've very much been looking forward to your arrival. I always wish that there are about 10 more weekends in October so that I can fit in all the things that I REALLY want to do. I've compiled a little list of things that really pump me up about this season:

    (1) 2 weeks off of work for Fall Break. How perfect is that?
    (2) cool mornings
    (3) HOODIE HUGS - they're squishier and way more awesome than normal hugs.
    (4) brisk walks
    (5) camping weather that is pleasant
    (6) attending our last Marine Corps Ball
    (7) all the pretty colors
    (8) seasonally appropriate scary movies, such as Paranormal Activity 3 (!!!)
    (9) getting to unearth my boots that haven't seen daylight in 8 months
    (10) going to the Fall Festival in Franklin JUST for a big bag of kettle corn. My mouth is already excited.
    (11) annual pumpkin carving #3. Totally wish we'd have time to go to a pumpkin patch. 
    (12) Halloween 
    (13) warm drinks
    (14) celebrating our 5 year dating anniversary tomorrow.

I'm also planning on using some of my time off work to really get busy on my little handmade shop, which I'm hoping to re-launch just in time for the holiday season! Things could get really exciting around here if I just get on top of things!

What is your FAVORITE thing about Fall?

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  1. aww i never really thought of hoodie hugs but that's sooo true it's soo much better =)


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