November 7, 2011

Dear Monday 11.7.11

You know what you can (and should!) do? Link up some Dear Monday letters of your own at the bottom of this post! I love reading the responses every week!  :)


Dear Monday,  I like that I'm saying "Hi" to you after a weekend of NOT having a cold and being sick. I like that 5:15 almost feels like I've slept in because my body is still used to Friday morning when that would've technically been 6:15. I also like that the sky will be brighter when I leave for work because driving to the school in nighttime-y darkness is somewhat depressing.

Dear 4-Day Work Week,  I'm totally psyched about you. Short weeks of work make my heart go pitter patter.

Dear HOLY AMAZING Brand New Flannel Sheets of AWESOME, You were/are completely worth the 9pm trip to Target that Vince and I made so we could bring you home to live with me forever. You are even way better than these, which I didn't think was possible. When I wake up during the night, I make little sheet angels and do baby scissor kicks so I can be reminded of your softness, then fall back into a heavenly slumber. Am I jumping the gun a little bit on toasty holiday themed sheets? Maybe. But do I firmly believe that EVERYONE IN THE WORLD should now go pimp their bed in snowman-y softy goodness RIGHT NOW so every one of you can experience nighttime sheet angels and scissor kicks? Yes. Yes I do.

Dear Hair,  I'm thinking about giving you the chop. Very seriously thinking about it.

Dear Bright Yellow Leaves, You are my VERY favorite, especially against a bright blue sky.


Dear Next Weekend Out-of-Town Girldate Trip,  I'm excited about the future fun that will be had.

Dear Sweet Boyfriend, I'm so glad you came to visit me this weekend. Who else would support my soft sheet obsession so much that they would buy a coordinating set of their own? Who else would stand in stores with me while I try on too many outfits, carry them around the store, then realize I shouldn't buy them and put them back...and not be mad that it was all for nothing? Who else would feel a burning and sudden desire for Cherry Fanta & Coke Icees at the same time that I feel that same sensation? Who else would get such joy from making me try on penguin footy pajamas and insist on taking pictures of them? Who else would fill out "How Much Do You Know Eachother?" activity sheets with me so that I could learn that your kinda-hero is Barney Stinson and that you would like to have the super strength powers of Superman and healing powers of Wolverine?!  NOBODY else but you. And I looovveeee it that way.

Haapppyy Mondayyyy, friends! 
How was your weekend?
What does your upcoming week look like?


  1. This post made me smile :)

    I love love love flannel sheets. I need to go grab some soon!

  2. Yay Monday! I'm so jealous that you get Friday off...I do not (and I don't really understand how that's even possible)...

    Did you hear about the Nashville blogger group trying to get together? I think we're looking at next weekend, or the first weekend in December!

    megs [at] Shine On

  3. i'm a new follower and I just Love your blog and this link up!!

  4. I LOVE the flannel sheets from target! I got some with snowmen a few years ago..and a set with snowflakes..and another set..and I can't stop buying them...


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