December 19, 2011

Dear Monday 12.19.11


Dear Monday,  I. Love. You.  You have been different from all the rest, and that is my favorite part. You are the beginning to Christmas week, and one of crafting, rest, time NOT spent at work, and extra time with people I love. Today I slept past 5:30, I enjoyed a souffle from Panera and a couple sips of peppermint mocha for breakfast, I took a mid-morning nature walk by the lake with my best friend, and I crossed the last big thing off of my holiday shopping list. Air high five to you this week, dear Monday. 

Dear Christmas Shopping, Except for just a couple teensy little things, I am done with you. This will be the first year in a few that I will NOT be spending Christmas Eve doing last minute shopping, and that feels AMAZING. While I did hope to be done much sooner than I am, I'm taking the tiny victories. 

Dear Cheesecake Factory, Your existence in this world is one of importance. Thanks for helping me change Vincent's life just a little bit on Sunday. An honorable mention also goes out to the Kahlua Cocoa Coffee Cheesecake. I think we should date.  

Dear Unfinished Sewing Projects, I have between 8 and 10 of you left to complete. Is this kinda intimidating? Hecks yeah. But am I going to go downstairs and pop myself a can of Cherry Coke and settle in with my scissors and sewing machine with the determination and focus of 10,000 upstream swimming salmon during swim-upstream-season as soon as I hit "Publish Post"? Also hecks yeah. ONWARD!

Dear 3 B's and 1 C in those super hard engineering classes who's names alone make my head hurt, I'm going to go ahead and speak for Vince here and say BAM! SMART BOYFRIEND WINS THIS ONE!  I'm so incredibly proud of the determination and effort that guy of mine put forth this semester, and it totally paid off. 

Dear Boyfriend, Let us take a quiz, shall we?  My very favorite thing ever is:
       a) Monday Morning Panera Breakfast Date (which should happen again)
       b) going on short morning hikes with you in the woods
       c) your insistence upon morning spoons and back pets
       d) your unfailing patience as I / we take many many photos over a span of 2 days
       e) all of the above
Actually, C is close to the top of the list because I'm the one getting the back pets, but E would also be an accepted answer for full credit. 

Ho, ho, ho!
Can you believe that!?
Happy Monday!


  1. I'm glad you were able to enjoy your Monday so much!! Good luck with the sewing projects! Your times with your boyfriend sound great :)

  2. Awww!! This is the sweetest post I've read in a very long time! Love your Mondays.

    The Cheesecake Factory is heaven! I stopped there last week Thursday after some late night Christmas shopping! Definitely worth it!!

    Hope you're having a great week!


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