January 30, 2012

Dear Monday 1.30.12


Dear Monday, I sprang out of bed at 5:10 this morning ready to greet you.  This week I WILL get on the treadmill a couple times, February will begin, and we will be another week closer to spring break (!). 

Dear Unseasonably Warm Weather,  Say whhhat?  This time last year, I was bummed because we'd just used up our last built in snow day at work and would be having to go to school on Presidents' Day to make up for it. But this year we've had one snow day in the middle of lots of sunny almost SPRINGY weather? What happened?  I'll be honest. I only want it to be cold so it will snow and I can have paid days off of work. Buuuut if that isn't going to happen, I'll take sunny and unheard of mid-60's any day. 


Dear How I Met Your Mother, After much dedication and an entire Saturday on Vincent's couch while he was at work, I am completely caught up on you. I must say. This current season is not a favorite in my book. 

Dear Boyfriend,  You are wonderful and I am glad I got to spend this weekend with you.  I would go on Starbucks coffee dates with you and watch full seasons of manly shows like Game of Thrones with you every day if I could.  Love. 

Happy Monday!
What do you have going on this week?


  1. I haven't watched this season of HIMYM but I loved the other seasons, I hope it gets better!

  2. Oh my word! 5 am!? Wow. You were up WAYYYY before me.

    And hooray for warm weather! :)

    I linked up today!

  3. Aw fun, i definitely want to do this next week!!

    xo. Britt

  4. I am SO jealous of your warm weather! I was pumped to see 35 degrees this weekend, but 60 would be heaven.

  5. i really love this idea, hopefully ill link up one monday :)
    also, HIMYM. yes. the show needs to end soon, its driving me crazy!!

  6. Megan, more power to you for getting up at 5:10 this morning...I just could never bring myself to do that with an almost 2 year old in my household! LOL! Maybe someday. Would be nice to get stuff done BEFORE she woke up.

    HIMYM is mine and hubby's favorite way to hang out these days. LOVE that show. We're only on Season 5 though.

    I'm secretly loving this freakish warm weather too! Very ready for Winter to be over.


  7. This weather is crazy. It is SO gorgeous today in Nash!

    I'm having a tough time with this season too...they forgot they're a comedy!

    megs [at] Shine On

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  8. This is crazy warm weather this year.


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