January 5, 2012

Our 2012 "Together" Goals


Our success at achieving most of our 2011 goals may have made us a teense ambitious, but our power brainstorming session of goal planning at Panera made us feel so optimistic about planning so many fun activities together! 

In 2012, we plan to....

+ Hike 15 miles (at least)
+ Go camping 2 times (at least)
+ Visit another new theme park for the roller coasters
+ Go on one "couples" trip with some friends
+ Read a new book together

We also thought it would be fun to set some seasonal activity goals to make sure we have as much fun as possible in 2012.

+ Build a movie fort of epic proportions and rent movies to watch together in it
+ Go watch the Nashville Predators
+ Look at Christmas lights and visit Opryland Hotel next Christmas

+ Try geocaching
+ Visit the Biltmore
+ See The Hunger Games as soon as it comes out in theaters in March!

+ Canoe on a river
+ Attend a Nashville Sounds game
+ Go to the Memphis Zoo

+ Visit a winery
+ Carve pumpkins
+ Hunt for the prettiest autumn-y leaves we can find

. . . . . . . . . . .

In 2011 we found that it was fairly motivating to have our goal list hanging on my closet door so that we could periodically check our progress on fulfilling our little goals.  We achieved most of them! 
+ We hiked 10 miles.
+ We went camping once
+ We took a road trip to somewhere new (Ohio) AND we went to a new theme park for the roller coasters!
+ We found a new book series to read to each other
+ We did make a point to go on more walks together.

We weren't so good at saving up money together, we didn't go on a trip that involved a plane, we didn't go on a trip with another couple, nor did we take a small weekend getaway trip with games and a date night, but that is okay! I'm surprised we completed as much as we did! I'm super excited to tackle 2012 head on and get out there and DO AWESOME STUFF! 


  1. I LOVE this!! You two are so sweet.

    I think a few of us Nashville folk are going to try and get together!! You in?

    megs [at] Shine On and Skinny Up

  2. Just throwing this out there right at the beginning...your goal to "Build a movie fort of epic proportions and rent movies to watch together in it" is pretty much all awesome! Plus, that way you worded that made my day! haha!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you guys are making goals together like this! Definitely keep things fun and interesting!! You guys are so adorable!

    I've heard about geocaching but I'm still not sure I understand it. I'm excited to see you blog about it so I can learn more :-)

  3. Go to the Six Flags in New Jersey!!!

  4. the Biltmore is absolutely amazing. have fun visiting! be sure to achieve that goal... it is well worth it :)


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