February 13, 2012

Dear Monday 2.13.12

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Dear Monday,  You have a hard act to follow after last week's work week bliss. A half day and a day off? I won't lie. My lazy side is hoping for a snow day this week. Here's to hoping I kick productivity in the tail and get lots accomplished.

Dear Valentine's Day, I'm just not jazzed about you this year. Unless boyfriend pulls a magic trick and surprise shows up on Tuesday, I'm pretty sure the day will just be "eh." Maybe we'll make up for not spending it together sometime this month? But then that would be kinda silly. I think I just need to stop comparing you to the best Valentine's Day in the HISTORY of Valentine's Days.... but who could forget getting flown out to SAN DIEGO and spending the weekend traipsing around hand-in-hand with their love in sunny California weather?!  NOT I, SAID THE FLY.  I will now resume looking at San Diego photos and reminisce-weeping a bit. 

Dear Warm Laundry Feeling, When the dryer beeps done, I wonder if anyone else in the world sits down in front of the dryer and pulls all of the hot clothing out of it into their lap and sits covered in a pile of warmness for a while before they start folding? If you've never done that... DO IT. It is really the only magical part of having to do laundry. 

Dear Friday Afternoon Secret Circle Viewing, Every Thursday mom and I watch Grey's Anatomy while Secret Circle DVR's, then when I get home from work every Friday afternoon, we catch up on Secret Circle. Such a cheesy show, but it has become a ritual. And I like rituals. 

Dear Dad,  Sorry for those 2-ish hours you lost of your life watching Breaking Dawn Saturday night. The first movie was a bit low budget, you agreed that the 2nd and 3rd were tolerable because there was more action, but I forgot just how bad Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 was before mom and I had you sit through it. Hopefully we'll be able to make it up to you this time next year when Pt. 2 is out on DVD and there will be more action and less terribly awkward moments, really ugly skeletor Bella, and auto-tuned wolfy voices. 

Dear Boyfriend, I do not like when you have drill ALL weekend and have to do Marine things and not come spend quality time with your favorite girlfriend. BUT I'm happy you are happy you have new gear, I suppose. Can we schedule a bear hug for sometime in the next 7 days? Please? 

Happy new week!
How are things in your neck of the woods?


  1. Yay I am first thing time. lol I had it all done last night and waking up at 5 it was posted early. I should have put one that says dear sleep, come back to me!

  2. Kinda funny how it works out with Valentine's Day...the longer you're with someone, it kind of become less of a big deal unless our fellas pull of some amazing surprise! ;-) HAPPY MONDAY MEGAN! :-)

  3. That does sounds like the best Valentine's Day ever. Hope you have a good one this year.

  4. VDay Chex Mix was banging. Here's the recipe link (from Pinterest naturally)


    Also-I omitted the PB because I'm mucho allergic and figured I didn't want to die making it. Not worth it. But it was a hit without it.


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