April 11, 2012

2012 Goals Check-in

Lets be real guys. I made QUITE the extensive list of goals for this year. I love lists and I love the feeling of always working toward something.  Have I completed all of the goals I created for myself for these first three months? Eh. Not so much.  Some of them I've tried, but not kept consistently, some of them I totally forgot about until the end of the month, but some of them I HAVE done. I'm okay with all of these- after all, goals are mostly about just making little changes to improve your quality of life, right? :)

So far this year, I have...

Tried getting up and at 'em earlier and more regularly, completed my one week fruit flush detox, and am much better at packing well rounded breakfast and lunches for work.

(*) I've slooowwwlllyyy been adding more exercise to my weekly routine.
(*) I am better about slathering myself in lotion.
(*) I have flossed more in the past couple months than I used to in a couple YEARS combined.
(*) My goal to carve out 30 minutes a day to read has basically been thrown out the window until I hopefully get a Kindle for my birthday next week. I didn't want to buy any new hard- and paperback books when I know I'll be filling that sucker up with books soon!
(*) I did not successfully have a phone and computer free day a week, but am making the choice more often to put it all down and do something more constructive with my time.
(*) I DID very successfully declutter my bedroom and bathroom!

This month, my birth month (next Wednesday, actually!) is aimed to be a month of "Me", and I am going to make long-standing doctor check-ups, get my passport, and take myself on a little date.

As for the super FUN goals that Vince and I made, so far we have hiked 5 of our 15 miles, camped 1 of our 2 times, built our wintery movie fort, attended a Nashville Predators game, excitedly watched the Hunger Games together, and are anxiously awaiting the second book in the Divergent trilogy to come out so we can add that to our "Read Together" list!

I'd count all of this as a big ol' WIN in my book!


  1. I love goal lists! I have lots of them. I usually never complete everything on them but I don't even care. It's fun just having something to work towards :)

    Sounds like you did pretty good girlie! Keep up the good work.

  2. High five for keeping track of your goals! In fact, I haven't even looked at the list that I made at the beginning of the year... probably should do that. :)

  3. I need a Kindle, I think it would make reading much easier for "squeezing" in during the busier days. Love the idea of a goals check in, I should do that with my own! =)


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