April 16, 2012

Dear Monday 4.16.12

How about you write some little letters to your week and link them up below!

Dear Monday, You are the start of my 25th Birthday week. And I also have 6 more of you until the end of this school year. Here's to hoping that I stick to a healthier meal plan this week and get on the treadmill EVERY day. And that writing this doesn't jinx myself... because that is apparently what usually happens.

Dear 25th Birthday on Wednesday, You make me want to have a quarter life crisis and do something awesome. What, I'm not sure. But the wheels are a-turnin'.

Dear Music City Star, I'm still not sorry that public transportation fascinates me SO MUCH.You were fun and interesting. Actually, you were two How I Met Your Mother episodes rolled into one.. except there were twice the anticipated "Woo Girls" on board and the people on "The Drunk Train" out of the city were less JWoww and more strange church group. But there were DEFINITELY Woo Girls. Totally worth it though to not have to deal with parking downtown and the drive both ways.

Dear Fiance, This weekend you went to your last drill weekend ever as a Corporal in the Marine Reserves... Actually, you went to your last drill weekend ever as ANYONE in the Marines. YOU ARE OUT.  It is SO hard to believe that I met you soon after you got out of bootcamp, and you just completed your 6 year contract. SIX YEARS. A new chapter in your life- and in our life. Good for you, babe. Like you said, it is time for something new. Onward and upward, and to bigger and better things.

Happy Monday!!


  1. First time linking up. Happy early Birthday! I'm 27, and definitely had a quarter life crisis this past year. I didn't do/buy anything, just had a mental crisis. lol. It's ok now, though.

  2. how neat,my 25th birthday is THIS TUESDAY :)

    happy almost birthday!!


    I know how you feel about wanting to do something EPIC for your 25th. I went out with a huge group of friends, dinner, drinks great company :-) I usually don't get to do stuff like that on a regular basis, so that was my version of epic haha!

    How SUPER EXCITING that Vincent is done! Can't wait to see what you two do in life!


  4. So so proud and happy for Vince being finished! And yay for birthday week!

  5. Love your Monday Letters. I will joining in next week. I am your newest followers. ;0

  6. Yay for the completion of a 6 year contract! I'm sure many exciting things are in store for you two :)

    Happy Birthday Week Dear!!! I say celebrate all week long :)

  7. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! and good luck with the next stage in you & your fiance's life! so exciting :)

    Have a great day! {I have a giveaway going on right now & would love for you to enter! amyreneonline.com}


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