April 9, 2012

Dear Monday 4.9.12

Link up some little letters to your week below! 


Dear Monday, Somehow I miscalculated- you mark the beginning of 8 more weeks of school? But then again, this includes TCAP, field day, staff appreciation week of celebration, and a cleaning day or two. You are going to FLY BY.

Dear Half Day on Wednesday, While this is technically just a half day for the students, the teachers/staff use the latter half of the "work day" to go out for a leisurely lunch. I'm cool with that. And I'm always down for a nice mid-week break.

Dear 3 Day Weekend, You felt strange, but you were good. Vince came over on Thursday night, which is not the norm, and Danny came home from college. I guess the off-ness is mostly due to being sickly and having to visit the doctor on Friday- so glad to have had time off to rest and feel better, though, so I was totally up for playing a round of GIANT frisbee with Danny out in the backyard today. Also, anyone else out there in their 20's still get an Easter basket and color eggs? My mom believes in FUN for LIFE. Haha!

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Dear Warrior Dash, You will be in my area in September, and you are my new goal. I want to hop over fire, jump on old cars, and OWN you AND that vertical wall that scares me. I mean SERIOUSLY. How crazy FUN does this look?!?

Dear YOU Reading This NOW,  In light of my Thursday Thought of mayhaps making a vlog someday, I would love it if you'd submit some reader questions for myself and that guy of mine. That would be fun, right?! What's on your mind? Random fun facts? Or do you wonder just how weird we are in real life? Or what song we've mastered as our go-to duet in the car?

Dear Fiance, It makes my heart go pitter-patter when you a) say that you still want to come see me, even if I'm sick, b) offer to come to the doctor with me so we can have our first "read a book in the waiting room doctory couples-y experience", and c) when you offer to rub my back until I fall asleep and/or drool a little/lot bit. The way you take care of me is one thing on a list of a thousand of why I know you'll be such a great husband down the road and for years to come. This is partly why I chose to show you my love by driving 30 miles to meet you at a McDonalds in a small town by I-40 at 7pm on a Sunday night so I could bring you your beef tenderloin-gourmet potato-fried corn Easter dinner that you missed out on. I want to take care of you back.   Loves.


And seriously? Taking little sleeps Good Friday afternoon are even better when I get to look at this.  :)
[Hey you. Vince. Embarrassed yet by all the squishy words this week, dear? Good. ]

Happy Monday! 
What will this week hold in store for you?
Fun things, I hope :)


  1. Love the eggs you made! And no worries, you aren't the only 20 something year old that still gets an Easter basket from the parents :)

  2. Happy Monday sweetie- Hope it's a wonderful week
    I love that your momma still spoils you with Easter Baskets. Too sweet :)

  3. Feel better soon! My Mom still gets us an Easter basket. But this year there was no chocolate in mine...dang pre-wedding diet!!

  4. I have always wanted to do the warrior dash! Are you going to sign up?

    Hmm your vlog -- maybe you guys should do one of those 'how well do you know each other type games/questions'. Like first thoughts, the first time I knew I we would marry, favorite moments, etc.

    1. This is SUCH a belated reply! But YES we definitely want to sign up! I have to hardcore train between now and September because I've never run even a half mile, much less 3 in the mud and climbing things! And I LOVE your idea for the vlog- I'm pulling some questions together and going to have to try and convince Vince to participate!

  5. I agree with Becca for the vlog questions..that would be really cute and something you guys could use for your wedding too!


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