April 18, 2012

happy 25th birthday to me


I'm 25 years old today.
A quarter of a century.
How strange is that?

When I was younger, I thought that
people who were 25 were basically 75.
25 just seemed SO grown up. 
Every 25 year old has MADE it.
They have their whole life figured out.
Do I have my whole life figured out?!
Not quite.  ;)

I have been lucky so far, in these
25 years.

I know exactly who I'm going to 
spend the rest of my life with.
I have a job I enjoy, and an
upward career move on the horizon.
I have gotten to spend time with my family
that most people my age don't- 
the "curse" of not finding a job upon graduation
and ultimately having to move home
has been less of a "curse" than I'd thought.
I've made some incredible friends.

These 25 years have been good,
I'd say.  :)

I have a couple goals for my 25th year:

*Take myself on a solo trip...to somewhere.
*Go on a road trip of considerable length.
*Train for and complete a Warrior Dash.
*Fingers crossed things go as planned,
enjoy the heck out of my first year
teaching my own classroom.

Have you ever made any big birthday goals for yourself?


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! 25 was a hard one for me because i thought it meant I was basically 75 too :) can't wait to read more from you in this next year!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one!

  3. I remember feeling like people that were 25 were old too, when I was younger and now that I'm about to be 27 (eek!) I keep trying to convince myself that I'm still young.
    But seriously, how is Justin Bieber better than Justin Timberlake? Uh, not possible! :)
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  4. Happy birthday love! Those look like some pretty great goals. Love road trips, and traveling solo gives you so much freedom! Hope your day, week, month, year is grand!

  5. Happy birthday! There's a warrior dash coming to our area this summer. I'm SO tempted to try it, but at the same time kind of terrified at how hard it could be! Should be interesting! Have a great birthday! :)

  6. Happy Birthday! All the best from me and The Seaman Mom community :)
    I wish I was 25 again, I would definitely take better decisions about my life.
    Have a wonderful, wonderful day and an awesome party!

  7. Happy 25th Birthday Dear Friend!!!
    Im 32 almost 33 & I still don't have it all figured out

  8. Happy birthday!!! I hope it's WONDERFUL. And the Warrior Dash? I would LOVE to do one and have considered it. I've ran a few 5K's, but none of them required you to climb a wall. THAT is what scares me about that one.

  9. I totally missed this since I was out of town, but I hope you had a WONDERFUL 25th birthday!!!! :)

  10. Very cute blog, and happy late bday! My 25th is actually less than 3 weeks away!Ahh! I'm your newest follower, glad I stopped by :)


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