April 23, 2012

Dear Monday 4.23.12

Link up some little Dear Monday letters of your own below!


Dear Monday, Hello again. While I'm having a really sleepy start today, you are following a lovely weekend, so I don't even mind seeing you that much. Only 4 more of you (after today) left until Summer, after all.  

Dear Birthday, I enjoyed you, and my resistance to put down my new Kindle shows it. My work family and my real family made it so special. Now on to Mom's birthday this Wednesday.

Dear Cold Snap, You are so confusing. Where about a month ago, the 50's and 60's were cause for celebration and flip flops, now they make me shiver even in a hoodie. What the heck. 

Dear Martin's BBQ, We fell in like with you on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives and knew it would be a decent place to go when Danny came home, but I for one fell in love with you when I consumed your potato salad and texas toast, and mom even ordered the first beer I think I've seen her order EVER, and we all kicked back and had such a great time. You will forever go down as That One Fun Place in my book. 

Dear Guns, I learned something new this weekend. I don't feel okay about shooting Danny's Mosen or AK-47 yet, and the one time I shot Vince's pistol I yelped and put it back down, but the tiny little .32 I practiced with... that one's just fine. I even made it riiiiight in the middle of the target the first time. 

Dear Fiance who teaches me how to shoot guns, trades bites with me of our Panera bagels, gives me back rubs till I fall asleep at night and foot rubs till I wake up in the morning, and picks daisies and gently tucks them behind my ear on our hike, You are wonderful and I love you. 

Happy Mondayyyy!
Who else had a FANTASTIC weekend?


  1. I love your banner for this! I might have to change mine now :)

    I agree about the cold weather. And I'm glad you had a good birthday!!!

  2. I too love my kindle, but now I find myself staying up later reading in bed with it backlight... let's just say it's become a bad habit that makes me yawn and regret it in the morning :)

    Hope your roller coaster of weather ends soon and only sunny days come your way! Happy Monday Megan!

  3. We are having a serious cold snap here in Kentucky! Where in the heck did spring/summer go?

    Hope you have a nice week friend!!!


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