May 28, 2012

Dear Monday 5.28.12

Hello friends! Dear Monday is returning after a one week hiatus of lack of inspiration.
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Dear Monday, You know why I love you? Because you are a day off of work today. That fact alone is magical. Also? 3 more days at work with students, and one day of wearing work clothes and cleaning, and we are DONE for this school year. Crazy.

Dear Hopeful Job for Next Year, You are SO CLOSE to being official... all rumors point to me being a classroom teacher next year, but I'm holding my breath until an actual offer and signing on the dotted line happen. Keeping my fingers and toesies crossed still.

Dear Tennessee Renaissance Festival, You are full of SO MANY weird people, but you were fun! I'd only been one other time before in high school as a field trip, so I didn't remember much, but Vince and I had a fun time on Saturday. We sweated buckets in the 98 degree heat and sun, but the kettle corn, Washing Well Wenches, jousting, and strange costumed people watching sessions were totally worth it.

Dear Pressure Washing, You are the best treat for the suspected obsessive compulsive person. Does anyone else inspect the cracks in the concrete by the pool every year and get excited about cleaning the gunk out? Uh, probably not. Except for me.

Dear Fiance, Thanks for coming to see me this weekend. I loved going to RenFest with you and melting in the heat.  Also, I'd like to throw it out there that you are an apartment packing machine. Nobody better get in the way of you and your Space Bags. So excited for you and a new little home to get settled into.

Happy Memorial Day

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  1. girl, I'm on the same schedule as you! can't wait for the next three days to be OVER!!! come on summer break!! :)

  2. Girl! I wanted to go to the renaissance festival soooo bad, but no one would go with me. =/ Also, I've missed you! Glad you're back. ;)


  3. Ren Fests are amazeballs! My husband used to make fun of me for enjoying them so much, until I forced him to go and he saw a woman in a chainmill outfit...there was very little left to the imagination - he was hooked!


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