June 11, 2012

Dear Monday 6.11.12

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Dear Monday, Hello again! It is much easier to see you at 8:30 in the morning and not 5:30. It is cloudy out today and that alllllmost makes me want to be lazy, but then I remember that it would be way more fun to go to work and start dumping all the stuff I've bought into my classroom. Yay!

Dear Wedding Planning, After meeting with an awesome engagement/wedding photographer yesterday, we're starting to see the light. I'm so thankful she was okay with playing wedding consultant for most of our meeting! We already knew that we LOVED her photos, so it was nice to get her insight since she's WAY more knowledgable about wedding venues than we are. 

Dear School Box , I died and went to heaven about 50 times after walking through your doors while killing time in Knoxville the other day. Holy CRAP, I want everything you have to offer. Being a teacher basically fulfills my lifelong dream come TRUE- to have a reason to play with school and office organization supplies ALL THE TIME.  Confession: I was the kid that LOVED back to school shopping at Wal-Mart, and would come home and happily spread all of my new belongings around me on the floor just to sit with them, then empty my entire 64 pack of crayons so that I could label every. single. one. with my name. 

Dear Readers, You know that newly blogging college roommate of mine, Kate at Begin Anyway? She's a real librarian now. This past week has been a good one for those of us that have had to wait for REAL jobs since May of '09. Go on over [here] to congratulate her, why don't ya? 

Dear Vincent, Thanks for talking all this girly wedding business with me and caring to be involved. I don't know what I'd do if I had one of "those" fiances who just said to let you know when and where to show up at the other end of the aisle.  Not that we know anyone like that. ;)  

Did you have a good weekend?


  1. WE HAVE BIG GIRL JOBS! woohoo!

    And I'm glad you had a great time at School Box :P

  2. I'm not even a teacher, but my eyes were getting big looking at that website. I wish they had a location in Houston for one of my best friends who is a teacher. She would lose her mind (and probably half her paycheck) in that store. Lol!

  3. Hey Megan, I nominated you for an award - http://lehmannlaughter.blogspot.com/2012/06/shutthefrontdoor.html


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