June 25, 2012

Dear Monday 6.25.12

If you wrote Dear Monday letters for the week, make sure you link them up below! 


Dear Monday, I love saying hello to you later and later each day. Having been at school just about every day since the summer break started, I think I've earned a couple sleep-ins. Usually I HATE sleeping in and wasting daylight, but today it was necessary. 

Dear Mom, Thank you for helping me spray paint my ugly classroom bookshelves. Plain old black is SO MUCH better than bright orange with neon flowers, bright red, tan, and tan with leftover plaid contact paper. SO MUCH BETTER. 

Dear Daily 5 and CAFE books, You should arrive on my doorstep tomorrow. I'm really excited to start reading and find out what's up with this "life changing" way to do reading centers. 

Dear Vince, I'm so glad we are DONE moving our stuff out of your old apartment. Thanks for helping me carry the heavy stuff, and thanks for coming to visit this weekend. I like working in my classroom with you and sitting out in the pool afterwards.

What one wears when there's just a litttttttle more spray painting to finish, but spray painting clothes weren't worn.
I am Lady Gaga.
Starting to pull my little outdoor themed classroom together.   :)

Happy Monday!
What do you have going on this week?

This is the last week I can get in my room before they start waxing the floors, and then I will be "forced" to take a 3 week vacation. What ever will I do with myself!


  1. Haha you work that lady gaga look! Also your hall pass is sooo cute!

  2. Hi! I found your blog from this link up. Congrats on getting a full time teaching job. I'm a teacher too and I taught second grade the last three years. I'll be teaching first in the fall, but I love second grade. I love to share things too so just let me know!


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