June 4, 2012

Dear Monday 6.4.12

It's not too late! If you already wrote some little Dear Monday letters today, link your blog up below!


Dear Monday, I've seen a lot of you today. Between still being up working on Vince's apartment until around 1:00am, then getting up and on the road by 6:15am to drive three and a half hours to make it to a LONG overdue oil change appointment... man. Least restful first Monday off work EVER.  :)

Dear Rav4, I'm sorry I've used and abused you this weekend. I have packed you full of heavy things twice and driven you around for an estimated 18 hours this weekend. Do you realize that's enough time to go to the beach and back?!?! Whoa.

HOLY gross windshield.

Dear Wedding Planning, You are way more fun when I actually get to go see places in real life with Vince as opposed to just on the computer screen. I liked going to our first wedding venue together... now if only the two I visit with mom this week go just as well!


Dear Job, I am glad to be done with you for a few weeks. Breaks are SUCH a reward for going into the teaching profession.

Dear Love, I've enjoyed a few things about you recently. #1. Our newfound obsession with Dunkin Donuts iced coffee + bagel or muffin. So necessary yesterday and SO GOOD. I think driving an extra 30 miles on backroads was worth it.  #2. I love getting to really envision our wedding with you, while we're standing in a possible wedding spot.  #3. I love finding you in the bathroom like this around midnight... quietly pounding a screw hole into the wall so you can have your beloved curved shower rod in your new home.


Happy Monday!
What do you have going on this week?

It always takes me a while to decompress from being in work mode. 
Even though I'm so sleepy from moving Vincent this weekend, 
I'm thinking about the two wedding venues I'm visiting on Wednesday with mom,
the meeting Vince and I have on Sunday with a photographer,
how much laundry I need to do, and how 
I need to finish pressure washing the concrete around the pool.
But I can do ALL OF THIS on my own time! Yay!


  1. Happy Monday, love! So jealous you have today off...


  2. Happy Monday! You've been quite the busy bee, so I hope you enjoy your break. :)

  3. I still can't believe you're actually getting married! Eee!

    And with Vince on my side of the state now, we really need to meet up sometime! :)

  4. my link isn't working :( i keep trying!

  5. Happy Monday! Have a nice break! (sooo jealous!)

  6. Happy Monday! Have a nice break ... so jealous!! :)

  7. Happy Monday- Hope you enjoy your summer break! Sounds like you got lots to keep you busy :)

  8. yay for wedding planning!! it gets fun when it's for real..just try not to get too bogged down by the numbers!


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