June 7, 2012

Job & Wedding // A little update


Hello friends!
I'm just dropping in with a little bit of good news for today.
I got the phone call yesterday that made things official- I'm going to be a 2nd grade teacher next year!!
This means big things.
I've been on the hunt for my own classroom since May of 2009.
When I moved home after college to find a job, I didn't expect it to take SO LONG to get into a school.
When I did get hired, my job was (and has been) as an educational assistant in math and reading intervention, pulling small groups of kids that are struggling a bit.
While I love loved my job, I wasn't quite making the funds that would let me move back out on my own.
The good news is that patience pays off, and now I will have the opportunity to run my own little classroom of kids that I already know and love from having worked with them as first graders, and am hoping to move out and run my own little home again by mid-fall!


In other news, I'm feeling stuck at the moment with wedding planning. I've toured 3 venues, but each of them have big pros and bigger cons. Maybe I'm just being picky, but I really want a place that we can be happy with for both the ceremony AND the reception, without having to go into the poor house. I'm finding that we're going to have to make some sacrifices if we want a pretty wedding, a fun party, and ability to go on a great honeymoon if we get serious about our plans to go to Ireland. I'm finding all these perfect places and then realizing they a) cost a fortune or b) are an hour or two away, and I'd feel bad making guests drive so far out of their way because many of them will be driving from out of town anyway. We want a place that has great outdoor spaces (for photos and such), but also doubles as a solid rain plan juuuuust in case. Big pavilions are making my heart go pitter patter right now. Just look at my Pinterest. Anybody out there get married, or know someone who's gotten married, in and around middle Tennessee and want to give me some advice? Help a sister out.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I am getting married next June but I had many pros and cons when picking luckily I found our place but good luck to you and finding something to meet your wants and needs (:

  2. Congrats on your job! I'm trying to get hired as a teacher as well. (6th grade)

  3. Good luck with wedding planning! I'm in the same position you are as our wedding is this December. One thing my fiance and I are doing is a quick, inexpensive weekend get-away right after our wedding and then waiting to go on our big, official honeymoon until a while later. We're paying for the wedding mostly ourselves so funds are definitely tight and this way seems to be working for us right now.

  4. Congratulations on the job! That is fantastic! I have the highest respect for teachers, they truly have the power to mold people into wonderful human beings! My 2nd grade teacher was Mrs.Groesbeck and even though she had a reputation for being a 'meanie', she was one of the most amazing teachers in my life.

  5. We got married at UTSI in Tullahoma, which would be perfect for Vince's family, but an hour and a half drive for yours. We had the ceremony outside in front of the lake and reception inside.. If you aren't having a ton of guests the inside is a good back up plan in case of rain. Just have the ceremony and reception in the same room. You can look at our pictures to get an idea. You can really dress it up.
    Annyyyywwayy.. I said all that to say this. It was $350 for all of it. That includes the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner we had there + the set up Friday and all day Saturday until Midnight Saturday night/ Sunday morning.

  6. I am SO SO SO excited for you, Megan!!!!! When you posted the picture of your classroom, I got so excited for you! And I'm sure the wedding planning will get back on track. It'll be a gorgeous wedding!

    Keep Shining,

  7. congrats on finding a job! although I have to say, summer break makes being a teacher SO worth it. (even though I am already planning for next year... :) )


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