July 2, 2012

Dear Monday 7.2.12

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Dear Monday, You are the first time of this summer break that I haven't had going into school to work on my classroom on my mind. They will be waxing the floors for 3 weeks, so I am "forced" to take a little break. I had great intentions of getting up before the heat and going for a walk... and then just didn't. Here's to hoping for more productive feelings for the rest of the week. :)

Dear July 4th, Assuming that our burn-ban doesn't get expanded to mean we won't have a firework show in our town, You will be FUN. I plan to spend all of you out in the pool, grilling out, hanging out with that guy of mine, and seeing an in your FACE fireworks display at the "secret special spot" my family found last year. By secret and special spot, I mean we were on the edge of the clearing by the old folks' home behind the Target with lots of other families lining the street, BUT that spot just happened to be RIGHT by where they launch the fireworks, and they are HUGE at that vantage point. 

Dear Martin's BBQ, You were on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, and for good reason. I'm finding more and more that I HATE chain restaurants, and chain you are not. You even have this thing called a Redneck Taco, which is like pile of goodness in a basket. Cornbread pancake with BBQ, cole slaw, and sauce on top? Yep.


Dear 21 Jump Street and Pizza Night, I like a low key evening when Vince and I can just stick a pizza in the oven and turn on a movie....and it ends up to be the funniest movie I've seen in a LONG time. I had low expectations of you, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum reject police duo, but I laughed SO HARD the whole time. And so did Vincent. And I'm always fond of that sound. 

Dear Undisgusting Fiance of Mine, You are the rock to my candy, the Thai Curry Soup to my Noodles and Co. Med Wrap, and the stroll in the park to my gourmet Las Paletas popsicle date. So glad you came to visit. I PROMISE I will start visiting YOU soon, now that all the moving and wedding venue visiting are out of the way. For now though, I will take movie watching, Container Store frolicking, popsicle date walking, wedding venue viewing, and late evening swim with bats swooping our heads as we make up their theme songs-ing any day. Had a fantastic time with you, love.


Happy MONDAY, friends!
What's new?
I think we found ourselves a wedding venue.
I'll share more once it's actually booked.
It is PERFECT and unique. 


  1. Funny enough I was just in a conversation about 21 Jump Street - you have convinced me that I need to see it now! I too am a big fan of non-chain restaurants! Enjoy your 4th - it sounds wonderful.

  2. I LOVE AND MISS MARTIN'S! Hmph. I, of course, miss you too!

    Happy Thursday!



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