July 30, 2012

Dear Monday 7.30.12

Your eyes do not deceive you- Dear Monday is back today, 
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Dear Monday, I can't believe you are here. You are the Monday of the week that school starts... school that I am teaching in my OWN little classroom.  HOLY CRAP. School doesn't start until Wednesday, so I will be spending today and tomorrow at inservices and scrambling to get my stuff TOGETHER.

Dear Blog Readers, I'm briefly back from my internet hiatus.. I say "briefly" because I wonder if I'll be too busy to come back to this place very often in the next few weeks. Thanks for stickin' around.

Dear Class of Twenty 2nd Graders, I can't believe I get to have a room full of some of the greatest kids. I've known all but 3 of you since you were Kindergarten babies, and that makes you feel even more "mine". I'm so excited to teach you and learn with you this year.

Dear Classroom, You are a work in progress. I feel like I have soooo much left to do, but you WILL come together (hopefully tomorrow). I'm trying to pretend like school starts Tuesday so that I will have everything done early, but we'll see how that goes.

Dear Fantastic Fiance, Vincent- I've told you this 1000x this weekend, but I could NOT have gotten my crap together at school without you. You are the best desk, chair, and shelves builder, the best tree twister, the not so best hot glue-er (said your thumb), and definitely the best companion while I am frantic. I cannot thank you enough for loving me... and showing that love through lots of putting things together and eating dinner at my little desks at school so we can work into the evening.

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Wanna catch up on some photos from the past few weeks? 
We got to sit RIGHT behind the caution tape to watch the fireworks 
on the 4th up close and PERSONAL.

We drove up and spent a day in Gatlinburg. 

I got my Pinterest on and asked my friend Kelli to be
my Maid of Honor. She said yes. No doubt because of the creative skills.

We spent part of a day driving the Cherohala Skyway

And this is where the rest of my life has been sucked into- my classroom.
I'm often the only one in the building.

Isn't Vince SUCH a good tree making helper!?


  1. yay for your own classroom!!! this is the first year in 7 years where I won't teach a full year due to leaving for maternity :) enjoy!!!
    Mrs. Tabb
    We Are The Tabbs
    First Grade Awesomeness

  2. Your classroom is the cutest! This summer has just FLOWN by! It's crazy to see everything for school out already!

    Hope you have a great day :)

  3. Sent over and joined in by Melissa @ Revision makes perfecT! new follower =]

  4. Love your tree in the classroom and your MOH craft! Wish I lived in the same state-I'd help you with classroom stuff. It's my favorite and I wish I'd become a teacher for the classroom stuff. Too bad I don't think I could handle the kidlets all day long!


  5. Cute!!! Love this :) Glad I found your blog, following you!!!


  6. Dear Monday :: August 13th.

    xoxo Amber


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