August 20, 2012

Dear Monday 8.20.12

Link up little Dear Monday letters of your own below!

Dear Monday, You came so quick. You are following a pretty decent weekend, filled with a friend lunch, a bridesmaid-asking, many hours spent reading my Kindle, the first 4 loads of laundry I've done since *drum roll* JULY, and about 3,000 checked/graded papers. This week's plans are submitted, I don't have bus duty this week (thank GOD), and I feel a teense more prepared for this week. Let's go.

Dear Self, You were a wee bit unprepared for the fact that life would 110% CONSUMED by the start of school for 2 and a half weeks (plus the 6 weeks during the summer). I feel like I have a little better of a handle on things now, which is a little bit of a relief. Note to you, self- next summer, if I'm going to spend time up until 9:00pm the night before school starts on anything, it needs to be on lesson planning, not just frantically getting my room done. K? K.

Dear Class of Twenty-One Kids, You've made my life very interesting in the short span that you have been mine.  You peer pressured me into painting my toe nails because I can feel you petting my feet while I read to you at the carpet. You make me feel like I've got moves when you compliment me so much after all the teachers did a surprise Party Rock flash mob for you at the Pep Rally on Friday. You make me feel important when you write letters in your Correspondence Journal that say that I am a good teacher and that you like my hair and want me to have a baby soon. You make me confused when I have to send home notes because you cut a nice boy's hair.  This will be such an interesting year.

Dear Vince, Not seeing you this weekend made me appreciate how often I DO get to see you. You are my best friend and I really just enjoy my life WITH you more than anything else. Can we have a long-standing bear hug date for this Friday evening? Please?!

Happy Monday!
I want to know what the heck ya'll 
have been up to lately!?
I feel so out of touch!


  1. I love teaching but I HATE lesson planning! How long or short is a regular lesson plan in your country? We spend too much time on our lessn plans, around five hours to make the first draft. And then when the signatory has comments and suggestions, she makes us edit and revise the lesson plan, again and again and again!

    Anyway, I'm glad Dear Monday is here again!

  2. Happy to see Dear Monday :) Oh my goodness I am always looking for a new book series but feel like I am already so far behind already! Sounds like a wonderful weekend :)


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