April 28, 2014

Our Wedding: Oct. 5, 2013 // Getting Ready

I will begin this post by stating how much I LOVED our photographer. Upon first meeting and when she took our engagement photos, it felt like a cool friend was following us around and making us look AWESOME. I've said to her about 30 times "you make things just so NOT weird!", which was perfect and I loved not having to be nervous around the cameras on such a crazy day! 

 photo wedding_004_zps525f97b4.jpg
After it was all said and done, my face hurt from smiling so much- I didn't know what else to do while they were watching me get my hair all teased up.  photo wedding_012_zps19aa536d.jpg  photo wedding_017_zps452464ee.jpg  photo wedding_020_zps51f0943d.jpg  photo wedding_019_zps2103a78a.jpg  photo wedding_026_zps25e80bb4.jpg  photo wedding_036_zps85234a2d.jpg  photo wedding_042_zps3b613082.jpg photo wedding_063_zps15848e0d.jpg  photo wedding_061_zps783df420.jpg  photo wedding_066_zpscefc1343.jpg  photo wedding_070_zpse82d9e47.jpg

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