January 25, 2015

Dear Monday 1.26.15

Dear Monday, the school day begins in 10 hours and I have not planned for you yet. Maybe a little bit of me is holding out hope that we'll luck out with a snow day. That 35% snowflake I see on my weather app and "mixed rain and snow late tonight" description got me a teensy bit hopeful.

Dear weather, you couldn't quite make up your mind this weekend, and that's okay.  Waking up to the cold and snowy scene above on Saturday morning was beautiful, but warming up enough to enjoy lunch outside in the sun and a pleasant stroll on the greenway that same day was pretty nice too.

Dear Lola, your abundant enthusiasm for walks, snugs, armpit tickles, and bacon make me smile. That is all.

Dear husband, a weekend of togetherness and down-time was just what the doctor ordered...except an actual doctor would probably prescribe something else for these cold germs we're incubating. Ample couch and TV lounge-y time coupled with walks in the fresh air and a breakfast date will help hold me over until next weekend.

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