January 12, 2016

Split Level Fixer-Upper Progress // House Update // Guest Bath

We knew when we bought our house that we could easily consider it a "fixer upper".  We bought it for the location, the price within our budget / how much lower the mortgage would be than our rent, the potential for improvement through doing some DIY upgrades, buuuut mostly for the view off the back deck.  

When we pulled up to the house with our realtor, she had already told us, "This one probably won't be it. There isn't a fenced yard for your dog, and the back yard is on a slope, which you said you don't like, so we'll just see this and move on."  It was a clear, cool, sunny spring day and when we walked up to the front door, we could see all the way through to the kitchen and the view out the back-  as soon as the door was open, my brother and I bolted straight up the stairs and out onto the deck to see the ridge lines of the mountains in the distance. I was pretty sold then, just for how much time I knew we'd spend outside. 

We've never planned for this to be our forever home. Even from the get-go, our goals were to stop throwing money away paying rent on apartments, get our feet wet in the home ownership game, and to tackle some home projects (while ultimately sprucing the house up) and sell it after a few years to move to something that would fit "us" more. We'd love to have more land, but for now, while we get acclimated to living in this part of the state, we're glad to live close to everything we could want/need.

We've learned a *LOT* through this process of buying our very first home. This one was definitely more of an undertaking than we realized and we know so much more about the process and what to look for now, and how long of a "whatever, we can fix that!" list is too long of a list.   ;)    By the time we're done with this house, we will have touched / worked on pretty much every inch and fixture of it. Overwhelming as that is, it does feel good to see things improve as we go! 

The easiest room to start with for a Before and After is our main / guest bathroom.  It gets more use than any other room in the house, mostly because we don't have a usable master bathroom right now, as it was gutted in July and hasn't been changed since, so er'rybody has to use the main bath.  

The bright baby blue paint in this room wasn't doing it *any* favors. Bright, yet dingey, and just made this bathroom look cheap. It was the same color that they used in their baby's nursery / our guest room, and in the hall closet / pantry.  I was not a fan and am soooo happy that its gone.  I actually didn't get the motivation to give this bathroom a makeover until 2 days before some of my friends were coming through town and I was suddenly and furiously bothered by how much I HATED it. New paint (Clary Sage by Sherwin Williams HGTV collection for Lowes) made a huge difference immediately, and I love the shelves that I had Vince add over the potty.  

Most recently (when a new set of company was coming into town), I felt compelled to paint the baseboards and crawl around with an acetone soaked cotton ball trying to scrub out discolored stains in the vinyl flooring, so I'm feeling even better about the room overall.   Do ignore the crap on the counter in these pictures. Just keeping it real. 

Projects Completed:
   * Fresh paint (Clary Sage)
   * New shower curtain (Target) 
   * New rug to cover up as much vinyl floor as possible (Lowes) 
   * Shelves (repurposed stair treads and shelf brackets from Lowes) 
   * Curved shower curtain rod (Target) 
   * Replaced vent cover (Lowes) 
   * Replaced toilet flusher system. It used to have a confusing push button that everyone 
      came out and said "..now how do I flush?!"  ..Now we have a normal flusher. 

Projects On Wish List: 
   * New flooring 
   * New, beefed up baseboards
   * Replace vanity or at least countertop
   * Replace faucet 
   * Frame or replace bathroom mirror
   * Replace bathroom door (throughout house, actually) 

I pulled this realtor photo from the internet. I don't think this shows how bright
the blue was. We never saw the home staged- it was vacant before our first showing.

                                  Before                                                                           After



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