January 19, 2016

Weekly Update // 2

After a busy week before Vince's birthday party, I let myself soak up a couple of relaxing days because... why not!  I spent some time working on my online classes and bundling up to walk Lola around the neighborhood and at the parks near our house.

Even with a purple harness and a little sweater with pink on it, people still think Lola is a boy dog. They call her buddy and tell her she's a good boy.  

I've decided that I like frequently having a scheduled friend visit on the horizon- it realllllly helps us keep our house clean. Kate and Michael came over for dinner Saturday (to hang for the first time since college, mmmm, 7 years ago) which was fab.  So much to catch up on!  Lola also really enjoys expanding her friend circle- more people to come over and pet her. 

Looking for friends

On Friday, because I guess I've decided I'm just going to do some sort of renovation project every time anyone comes to see our house for the first time, I re-did our downstairs half bath. It was *DISGUSTING* and I feel so much better about it now that not only will I actually use it, but I'd also feel okay offering it as a second half-bath option to guests.  This bathroom is directly at the bottom of our stairs into our lower living area (so you can see straight into it from the sidelights at our front door... awkward), it is right beside the garage, and has our laundry room in the back of it, so I guess it just took a beating before we moved in... or was just pretty neglected. Right off the bat, we noticed it was yet another room that the previous owners used the wrong paint in.  The realtor photos aren't too bad, but in person the paint was a realllly dark, gloomy gray (which says something because I've painted most of the rest of our house various shades of gray), but worst of all, they chose a glossy finish. High gloss walls are just WEIRD, and the room really doesn't get any natural light, so it was just a dirty, glossy cave. 

I thought I had made a decent cleaning pass over this room (like the rest of the house) when we got the keys, but apparently that wasn't enough.  I crawled around every inch and disinfected / scrubbed / mopped / vacuumed that room... floors, walls, behind the toilet, and all. Yuck.  The painting of the trim and rolling the walls went fairly quick after that. I love how paint can make a room feel different so fast.  To finish it off, I used acetone to pull up the stains on the linoleum flooring and it looks tons better. 

Unfortunately (yet fortunately..I'm lucky that our laundry is inside and not in the garage), our laundry room is attached to this bathroom without a door between.  I had tried a bunch of paint swatches on the walls in there, which was super tacky looking, so I rolled the sections of the walls that can be seen easily from the bathroom, but didn't re-do the whole room.  Long story, but there is a gaping hole in the ceiling of our laundry room, and I do *not* want to spend a bunch of time fixing it up before Vince decides if he's going to have to re-drywall or just patch what's going on in there. I have grand Pinterest-y plans for sprucing up our laundry room, so I'm going to save the work for the actual overhaul.  

            Before: Realtor photo I pulled from the internet that looks way better than it did IRL.  

  After: Crappy phone panoramic pictures, but *so* much cleaner (and greener). I just stuck the white curtain panels there today to see what it would be like to have the rooms separated... and because I can't have them in the dining room bay window for the time being because Vince took them down to shrink wrap our drafty 1970's windows the other night.  #oldhouseproblems


I'm on the look out for pretty things to put on the walls, a less scary light fixture, and a new mirror to put over the vanity. That little slab of mirror just isn't doing the room any favors.  We also think that we kind of want a new vanity top, if not just a whole new unit. Vince would like a nice-ish utility sink since this is the closest sink to garage/outdoor projects, but for now, the existing one will do fine and we're not worried about messing it up because it's already fairly old/beaten up. 

In the Kitchen    I tried these recipes this week: 

Easy Tiramisu (no custard filling) 


  1. I'm so glad we got to hang out with you guys! I'm also glad you put up those recipes because they were delish.

    I wish I had an actual laundry room. My washer/dryer in the kitchen is just lame, and I hate it.

  2. I love following your updates! I hope that you keep them coming :) I totally agree that just a simple paint update and cleaning can make a HUGE difference! Looks great!


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