February 8, 2016

Dear Monday: February 8, 2016

Monday, oh man. The weather report led me to believe that the whole day would be lost to cold temperatures and rain. When I got out of bed, it was cloudy but dry so I hurried to get dressed and take Lola for a rare morning walk around the neighborhood while we still could.  When we got back to the house, I remembered that Lola was running low on dry food, so I took her with me on a quick run to "the puppy store" (Petco) which she LOVES because a lady who works there always crumbles treats up really small and feeds them to her by hand while telling her how pretty she is. (I'd probably like that too, so I understand her excited dance when I ask, "Lola, want to go to the puppy store?!?") As we were leaving, the sun came out and was shining so brightly, I decided we needed to find a new-to-us park to go for another walk. We ended up walking a 3/4 mile loop along the lakeshore with a lady from the UK and her 50 pound puppy named Poppy who we met near the start of the loop. Lola and Poppy decided they were new BFFs and kept waiting for the other to catch up so that they could walk side by side and sniff things together which was super cute, so we all just walked together. On our way home, the clouds finally started rolling in, which was perfect timing- we got to enjoy way more outdoor time than I was expecting today, which was fabulous.

Sidebar:  I realize every time that I have a morning like this, how lucky I am to be able to take some time off from working right now. Walking my dog in the late morning of a Monday is truly the bees knees.

Costco, we came, we saw, we signed up, we bought wiper blades and the softest blanket I've ever touched. Here's to a year of bulk toilet paper and cheap wine.

Super Bowl Sunday, You were filled with episodes of Tiny House Hunters, a long aimless drive around the outskirts of town, Mexican food, and fairly entertaining commercials during the game. #puppymonkeybaby  It had been a few years since I've seen a whole Super Bowl game start to finish- I enjoyed it.

BeachbodyOnDemand, your videos have given us many painful days. Ouch.

This week in the Kitchen:  Cauliflower Pizza Crust. A little time consuming and messy, but pretty easy. Smelled good while baking!

Vince's verdict: Awesome! All the fun of pizza toppings with no crusty carb guilt! Let's do this again!

My verdict: I gagged just now just thinking about it. The wave of nausea I experienced just while looking at the pictures on the above link.. oof.  I learned that I have an unexpected and very strong aversion to cauliflower.  I went into this totally expecting it not to be like ACTUAL pizza obviously, and I've had cauliflower raw and steamed before, never being offended by it or even really thinking it had much of a flavor at all, so I assumed it would be a weird texture and somewhat vegetable-y, but otherwise edible... wrong. After a night of trying to sleep sitting up because the taste of the Trashflower was the gift that kept on giving, and sitting on the couch at 3am being unsure of whether to pray TO or NOT TO throw up- never again, my friends. Never again.

Goals for this week:  Organize the stuff that I decided to keep when *finally* going through boxes from our move, then sew something with the new fabric I bought last week. 


  1. Oh how I wish I could go for a Monday morning walk. I'm counting down until summer...

  2. I always wanted to try the cauliflower pizza crust. Until reading your review haha.


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